Wednesday, August 27, 2008

i don't think it's gas

someone kicked me today i think. i definitely felt it and i don't think it was gas. i was in a meeting and i rested my arms across my belly since i didn't have any place else to put them. someone didn't seem to like the weight of my arms i'm guessing. i can't really describe what i felt. it was like a light thump. i moved my arms temporarily and then tried again and thump...same feeling. this went on for about 10 minutes. i wanted to share the news with everyone in the meeting but i kept it to myself. called my husband as soon as i left...then my mom. yeah, they are finally communicating with me.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

made it over another hurdle

so i got my amnio results back today. the doctor was so nonchalant about it...ya, everthing's fine she says. relief. thank you G-d. so i asked if that means we can be sure that there are no problems and she said that there are always problems amnio can't detect, but everything appears fine at this point. i don't think i'll relax until they are in my arms.

meanwhile they have moved. instead of one being on top of the other they are now heads up against each other in my middle with their feet pointing out opposite directions. she said they are battling for space at this point and that i'll start to feel their feet most likely kicking me on each side. the reason i haven't felt them yet is that the placenta is over the top of my stomach and the thick layer prevents me from feeling anything. another two weeks she said.

i'm amazed at how big i am. i look at pictures of other women on their blogs who are much further along and they are half the size of me. so far the weight appears to be in my stomach...i mean i've got a big round ball. i'm hoping it stays there and doesn't spread to my butt. i've gained 18 pounds now. she said a healthy weight gain for twins is 50...i think that's a bit excessive.

i'll be 20 weeks tomorrow according to the doctor but actually 18 weeks according to the date we did ivf. still don't understand why they tack on those two weeks when we know the conception date.

that's all for now.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

heartburn and erotic dreams

it's 4:23 am and i can't sleep. it's the same thing every morning. i wake at some ridiculous hour and can't fall back to sleep. i'm suffering from the worst heartburn right now...likely the mexican food i ate for dinner followed by the slice of pizza at midnite. guess i was asking for it.

when i do sleep, the strangest celebrities appear in my dreams. last nite it was richard dryfes. where the hell did he come from? the nite before...hulk hogan. and chandler from friends...he's a regular. i always thought i was a ross kind of girl. joey, maybe...but chandler- no.

it's my birthday today. i'm ambivalent really...i've got all i could ask for with the babies on the way. tomorrow will be one week since the amnio. just waiting to hear good results (positive thoughts, positive thoughts).

that's really all.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

warning: not intended for all readers

i warn you...don't read this if you can't handle gross. i know i should just skip this post, but it happened and well, it might explain similar symptoms for someone else.

so for the last few weeks i've felt wet all the time down there. i wasn't sure if i was peeing myself or if it was something else going on. so of course i got on the internet at 3 this morning...that's my new wake up time...i'm up every morning at 3. i should know better than to try to diagnose myself via the internet, but well... i read something and i got freaked out. i decided that the wetness could be amniotic fluid leaking out of me so i called my doctor as soon as they opened. the nurse told me to come in immediately, no point taking any changes.

so the doctor did another very thorough exam...uggh, i should have kept my wet panties to myself. of course she talks to me the whole time. one of these days i'll tell her i don't comprehend anything when her hand is inside me. anyway, she inserts this instrument and proceeds to remove a big blob of disgusting goo. i could have lived without seeing it, but she insisted on showing it to me. apparently i've got an overgrowth of yeast. she said it's absolutely normal for pregnant women to have this and there is nothing to do about it unless it gets infected. she said this is what is causing the wet sensation. puke.

ok, so there's more. she asks to see my finger nails, so i show them to her. i've got long nails for the first time in my life due to the vitamins i assume. she says good...i should use my nail (should i stop here?) to remove the goo every day in the shower.

just another thing they never told me about. what other surprises are on the horizon?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

two penises

i had my amnio today. the anticipation and anxiety was much worse than the procedure. in fact, compared to all the shots i took in the stomach during ivf, amnio is nothing. still, there is always the associated risks so i'm just hanging out today, taking it easy and praying nothing goes wrong. the doctor said it went perfectly though. the cramping from the amnio is not pleasant. i never had menstral cramps so i'm not used to this. i'm sure it will pass soon. i can't take anything b/c they said painkillers will mask any possible infection.

oh, and i'm permitted to go to the dia.mond concert though he questioned my choice in music. he's a funny guy.

so i'm sure you figured it out by my title...we are having two boys. i was positive they were both boys. i had a dream very early in the pregnancy that all three were boys. maybe it was just wishful thinking, but i wasn't surprised today. my husband is feeling a bit overwhelmed. he thinks it will make for a nutty house, but we both said as long as they are healthy, obviously we are happy with whatever we receive. it'll be two weeks before we learn the results of the test. again, i feel optomistic that all will be well. we haven't had any other screening however, since they told us that the loss of the third would negatively impact blood and other screening tests. but they keep telling us that all looks good. keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the next two weeks.

Friday, August 1, 2008 dia.mond tickets

my husband got us dia.mond tickets for my birthday. i'm so excited. this will be my 4th time to see him. ok, i know some of you are co-workers and friend all laugh at me. i love neil so bug off. ok, but here's the issue. i read that at 18 weeks the babies can hear noise and be startled. maybe it's not a good idea? but come on, how crazy and loud can a dia.mond concert be? i'm embarrassed to ask my doctor, but i'm sure he's heard far dumber questions.