Tuesday, September 23, 2008

week 24

i came down with a cold this afternoon and now i feel miserable and am unable to sleep. is there anything i can take? i'll call my doctor first thing. it wouldn't be a normal week if i didn't call my doctor for one reason or another.

baby A has been kicking me down low for the last 5 hours. i got worried because it feels a lot different from baby B's kicks. the low kicks don't exactly hurt, but it's not pleasant. i freaked myself out thinking maybe i'm having contractions. i was on my feet all day at work, up and down stairs, and my fear was that it was too much for the babies. the thing is that i feel B all the time, but A usually just hangs out. Guess that's changing. Everytime A kicks though I fear i'm going to pee myself. i guess he's getting me in the bladder.

here's a gross one for you...there is definitely a strange odor when carrying boys. i assume it's from the hormones. by the end of the day i can't stand the smell of me. has anyone every experienced this before? my husband swears he can't smell it, but i think he's just trying to be nice.

i'm soooo tired but i can't breathe through my nose so i know i'm not sleeping tonight. on a positive note...everything seems fine, i mean aside from the minor complaints. i'm huge and happy. can't believe how fast the pregnancy is flying by.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

long time no post

it just occurred to me that i haven't posted in a long time. school started last week and i just haven't had time. everything is going well thankfully. i'm almost at 24 weeks. the boys seem to be right on target. saw their little heart beats this morning when i went in for another unscheduled appointment. i woke with a rash...i couldn't see it but i could feel it. i tried putting a mirror between my legs but i couldn't see over the belly. anyway, the doctor had no idea what it is so she called another doctor in to take a look. that's not very reassuring. she gave me a prescription but how do they treat something without knowing what it is? i think i insulted my doctor.

anyway, i'm up to 150 pounds...that's up about 30 pounds from my pre-pregnancy days. i can't believe the scale when i get on it but i couldn't care less. it's shocking but not upsetting. i'll take it off. the other thing is that my nose continues to bleed. who knew all this happens with pregnancy?

my biggest concern is that i'm on my feet all day with my job. i feel so guilty that i might be hurting the babies or bringing on a premature delivery. at the same time, i have to do my job. but my babies should come first...there's the guilt. uggh.

that's really all.