Tuesday, December 9, 2008

almost there

i've been terrible about writing but i simply haven't had the time. i'm trying to get everything in order at work so that those taking over for me don't have to do much. i'm told the babies could come any day. i've been having contractions though i didn't know it until my doctor pointed it out the other day in her office. i see the specialist today. he said pack a bag just in case i need to be admitted. i don't think i'm there yet though. i'm at 35 1/2 weeks now. the babies were both at 5 pounds when i was there two weeks ago. everything seems to be going well, thank G-d. i wish our house was more in order and we still don't have much of the stuff we were told to buy. i finally broke down and allowed my husband to bring baby stuff into the house. we just couldn't wait any longer. i'm hardly able to move these days which is annoying b/c i really want to clean my house. i get winded just washing dishes.

so that's it for now. just waiting for their arrival.