Tuesday, December 9, 2008

almost there

i've been terrible about writing but i simply haven't had the time. i'm trying to get everything in order at work so that those taking over for me don't have to do much. i'm told the babies could come any day. i've been having contractions though i didn't know it until my doctor pointed it out the other day in her office. i see the specialist today. he said pack a bag just in case i need to be admitted. i don't think i'm there yet though. i'm at 35 1/2 weeks now. the babies were both at 5 pounds when i was there two weeks ago. everything seems to be going well, thank G-d. i wish our house was more in order and we still don't have much of the stuff we were told to buy. i finally broke down and allowed my husband to bring baby stuff into the house. we just couldn't wait any longer. i'm hardly able to move these days which is annoying b/c i really want to clean my house. i get winded just washing dishes.

so that's it for now. just waiting for their arrival.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

people are nicer when you are pregnant

i went to the mall the other day. not sure what i was thinking...30 weeks pregnant and i thought i could walk thru the mall. it was a bizarre experience though. i was blessed three times by three different strangers. two people came up to me and said "poor thing". that struck me as ironic...no, actually i'm thrilled to be in my current condition i wanted to say. one woman said i looked like i was ready to pop and another said that it looked like i've got something brewing in there. no kidding. i felt like moses parting the waters as i walked thru the mall. people would see me coming and quickly get out of my way. and everyone smiled. it was as if i was transported back home again where people are friendly and pleasant. strangers smiling at me in new jersey..? what a nicer place this would be if more people were pregnant.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

28 weeks

i'm at 28 weeks. my goal is 10 more. i told my doctor that yesterday and she said i'd change my mind around 34 weeks. i just want them to stay in as long as possible and grow as big as they can. i don't have much else other than complaints...the back pain, numbness in my hands, swollen limbs, lack of sleep etc. thankfully i have no major problems at this point. the doctor said all looks good. oh, and i'm anemic so i'm now on iron pills that repeat on my all day. and my fat cat can't fit on my lap anymore when i sit at my computer. it's all good though.

Friday, October 10, 2008

due date

i saw my doctor today and tried to press her for a due date but she said it's not possible with twins. my goal is to keep them in as long as possible. she'd like to see me get to 38 weeks. meanwhile she said i'm retaining water and that i've got to start working from home. oh, they are going to love me when i tell them that at work. oh well, it's for a good cause and it certainly takes priority over my job.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


i can see the feet moving across my stomach. it's so freaky. it's like i have aliens in my body. i keep trying to video tape it for my family but the babies seem to know when i turn the camera on because they suddenly stop moving. baby A continues to dance on my bladder. i sure wish they would let me sleep through the night.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

week 25

i had some cravings in the beginning of my pregnancy and many aversions- mainly to meat. it's been a while since i've really craved anything but this week it's all about donuts. i don't know if it's really pregnancy related but i can't eat enough donuts and i've never really allowed myself to eat them before. i figure if my body wants donuts i should eat donuts.

so i saw my specialist today. baby B weight 2.6 pounds and baby A is at 2 pounds. all seems to be going well.

i was in synagogue all day yesterday and the babies were going nuts with the singing. either they really liked it or they didn't, but i could see feet coming out of my stomach. it's so amazying to actually be able to see the babies move...i previously had no idea that was possible.

i'm going for another donut. oh, and i'm so thirsty all of the time...what's up with that? i can't drink enough.

that's really all.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

week 24

i came down with a cold this afternoon and now i feel miserable and am unable to sleep. is there anything i can take? i'll call my doctor first thing. it wouldn't be a normal week if i didn't call my doctor for one reason or another.

baby A has been kicking me down low for the last 5 hours. i got worried because it feels a lot different from baby B's kicks. the low kicks don't exactly hurt, but it's not pleasant. i freaked myself out thinking maybe i'm having contractions. i was on my feet all day at work, up and down stairs, and my fear was that it was too much for the babies. the thing is that i feel B all the time, but A usually just hangs out. Guess that's changing. Everytime A kicks though I fear i'm going to pee myself. i guess he's getting me in the bladder.

here's a gross one for you...there is definitely a strange odor when carrying boys. i assume it's from the hormones. by the end of the day i can't stand the smell of me. has anyone every experienced this before? my husband swears he can't smell it, but i think he's just trying to be nice.

i'm soooo tired but i can't breathe through my nose so i know i'm not sleeping tonight. on a positive note...everything seems fine, i mean aside from the minor complaints. i'm huge and happy. can't believe how fast the pregnancy is flying by.