Thursday, November 6, 2008

people are nicer when you are pregnant

i went to the mall the other day. not sure what i was thinking...30 weeks pregnant and i thought i could walk thru the mall. it was a bizarre experience though. i was blessed three times by three different strangers. two people came up to me and said "poor thing". that struck me as, actually i'm thrilled to be in my current condition i wanted to say. one woman said i looked like i was ready to pop and another said that it looked like i've got something brewing in there. no kidding. i felt like moses parting the waters as i walked thru the mall. people would see me coming and quickly get out of my way. and everyone smiled. it was as if i was transported back home again where people are friendly and pleasant. strangers smiling at me in new jersey..? what a nicer place this would be if more people were pregnant.


Elephant Steps said...

I've just started to notice that myself! In fact I blogged about that today. I'm only 20 weeks, but people are nicer!!

CraftyCrissy said...

You are now officially a freak show! A few days before I had the twins I went to the craft store. As I pulled my giant self through the bolts of fabric a women smartly said I was ready to have the baby. I told her I had over a month left and I was having twins. She was all shocked and then told me I couldn't be having twins because I was too small! I lost my mind and yelled at her, "Oh yeah - you're right. I'm not having twins. You would definitely know that since you're the one carrying these babies, seeing the ultrasounds every other day, listening to the doctor's advice that I'm perfectly fine for having two babies at once! Gee - what I wouldn't give to be you since you are just too smart!"

Yes - I was tired of being the freak show so I just became a freak. Don't be me!

On the opposite side, the day before I went into labor I went to the mall becuase I just NEEDED a new curtain rod (alone, having contractions but didn't know it, exhausted and huge and obviously, crazy). I took a break and sat on a bench. An elderly man looked at me and told me I had the same look his wife had all 6 times right before she gave birth. I smiled and told him I had a month or so left. He gently smiled back and said, "I'll bet you have those beuties in your arms by Friday night. Keep doing a good job." And he walked away. Joseph was born at 9:33 pm, Elizabeth at 9:40 pm - on Friday night.

And by the way, when the babies do come, 'Freak Show' takes on a whole new meaning when you're walking through the mall!

Keep doing a good job!

CraftyCrissy said...

I forgot to add - I'm from NJ. I smile all the time! :)

Trying said...

We noticed that too! Although, some people were really weird. We were in the parking lot of a mall and a woman started yelling, "She's having a baby! She's gonna have a baby!" and doing this little dance. We just looked at each other and said, "Okay..."

sara said...

You are so right - it is strange that people are nicer when you are pregnant. Isn't that strange?

Modern Orthodox IF said...

yep, my pregnant friends say they notice the same thing!