Thursday, November 6, 2008

people are nicer when you are pregnant

i went to the mall the other day. not sure what i was thinking...30 weeks pregnant and i thought i could walk thru the mall. it was a bizarre experience though. i was blessed three times by three different strangers. two people came up to me and said "poor thing". that struck me as, actually i'm thrilled to be in my current condition i wanted to say. one woman said i looked like i was ready to pop and another said that it looked like i've got something brewing in there. no kidding. i felt like moses parting the waters as i walked thru the mall. people would see me coming and quickly get out of my way. and everyone smiled. it was as if i was transported back home again where people are friendly and pleasant. strangers smiling at me in new jersey..? what a nicer place this would be if more people were pregnant.