Wednesday, October 1, 2008

week 25

i had some cravings in the beginning of my pregnancy and many aversions- mainly to meat. it's been a while since i've really craved anything but this week it's all about donuts. i don't know if it's really pregnancy related but i can't eat enough donuts and i've never really allowed myself to eat them before. i figure if my body wants donuts i should eat donuts.

so i saw my specialist today. baby B weight 2.6 pounds and baby A is at 2 pounds. all seems to be going well.

i was in synagogue all day yesterday and the babies were going nuts with the singing. either they really liked it or they didn't, but i could see feet coming out of my stomach. it's so amazying to actually be able to see the babies move...i previously had no idea that was possible.

i'm going for another donut. oh, and i'm so thirsty all of the time...what's up with that? i can't drink enough.

that's really all.

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sara said...

Yummm, you can never go wrong with donuts! I'm glad to hear that the babies are growing well and that things are moving right along. Keep the good news coming!