Saturday, October 18, 2008

28 weeks

i'm at 28 weeks. my goal is 10 more. i told my doctor that yesterday and she said i'd change my mind around 34 weeks. i just want them to stay in as long as possible and grow as big as they can. i don't have much else other than complaints...the back pain, numbness in my hands, swollen limbs, lack of sleep etc. thankfully i have no major problems at this point. the doctor said all looks good. oh, and i'm anemic so i'm now on iron pills that repeat on my all day. and my fat cat can't fit on my lap anymore when i sit at my computer. it's all good though.


Denise said...

Glad you are doing well. I agree with you on the 38 week goal. Even if we feel differently at 34 weeks, it is a good goal to have! Oh, and I'm on iron supplements too.

JewishMama said...

Great to here your all doing well. 38 weeks would be nice here, but I'm just praying that I make it to 30.